forest management


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A system of practices for stewardship and use of forest land aimed at fulfilling relevant ecological (including biological diversity), economic and social functions of the forest in a sustainable manner. (Source: FCCC/CP/2001/13/Add.1)

  • The decision making process of setting priorities on the goods and services afforded by the forest. Generally refers to timber extraction and reforestation aspects of forestry. (Source: UNBIS Thesaurus)
  • The management of forest lands for wood, forages, water, wildlife, and recreation. (Source: GEMET/MGH)

Other relations

  • forestry (CMS)
  • Forest management (UNFCCC)
  • social forestry/community forestry (ECOLEX)
  • forestry protection measures (ECOLEX)
  • forest management/forest conservation (ECOLEX)
  • forestry

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